What Sets us Apart?

Highest Quality

To guarantee high quality buildings and excellent after sales service we work with quality builders who are in the forefront of the construction industry.

Best Possible Price

By eliminating unnecessary extras, we are able to offer a quality home at the best prices available. We also provide special financing not offered anywhere else, to help people become first time home buyers sooner.

Great Communities

Over 95% of the people who buy from Options move into their homes instead of renting their suite out. Therefore, everyone wants to keep the community attractive and enjoyable to live in. The home they own is important to them.

Also, each community holds meetings before construction is complete, which buyers can attend if they choose. The meetings provide updates on the building’s progress, and allow buyers to make decisions that will affect their own homes and community. Owners are able to create a unique community that meets their specific needs. They also get to meet their neighbours before moving in.

All The Information You Need

We offer free presentations followed by personal appointments to provide all the information necessary to enable you to make an informed decision. By providing extensive information before you need to make your final decision, we reduce the stress involved with purchasing a home. Other condo developers don’t provide all of the legal information until after you buy. Options approach allows you to feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your circumstances.


A wide range of upgrades packages are available for your suite finishes including hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, marble counters etc. We start with basic finishes so you have the choice of adding only the features you want, and that fit in your budget. You also have the ability to make design changes to your suite (extra cost), if they are possible.