See for Yourself

Options vs. Traditional Developers

Options can create your home at a much better price than a traditional developer, without reducing the amount spent on construction. Below is an example of how Options for Homes saves you money compared to a traditional developer, while offering the same quality. Scroll down to read an explanation of the chart.

Land Cost

Options chooses locations a few blocks away from the best place to live in a community. This way, the location is still desirable, but isn’t the most expensive in the area. We also work with Municipalities to increase density.

Building Costs

You deserve a quality home, so we spend the same amount on the cost to build your home as other developers. Your home will be built by respected builders who have an exceptional reputation for creating quality communities.

Marketing & Soft Costs

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your hard earned money has gone toward your home and not an expensive marketing campaign. With Options, you won’t see glossy full-page ads, or the model suites that other developers use to sell their suites. Options uses a simple, cost effective approach to advertising which will save you thousands of dollars on the cost of your home.

Pool, Sauna, Features, etc.

Options does not build costly amenities that add to the initial price of your home and your monthly costs. Many homeowners have expressed their appreciation of this approach. They have seen many other condos where the expensive amenities sit unused. Instead we choose locations with high level of community amenities nearby (e.g. community centres, parks, etc.). Also, amenities, such as multi-purpose rooms with kitchens for entertaining, libraries, and lounges, are provided. They are useful amenities to homeowners and are cost effective to build and maintain.

Contingency Fund Instead of Profit

The price you pay with Options only covers the costs to build and market your home. Other condominium developers add anywhere from $45,000 to the price you pay to add to their pocket. Options only has a Contingency Fund, which acts as a buffer in case the cost to build your home is more than predicted. Material and labour costs can fluctuate. But if this money is not needed, we give it back to you, the homeowner.

Special Financing

Unlike any other developer, Options can provide you with special financing to boost your down payment (10% of the price of your home). This help is optional, and all purchasers are eligible. Additional special financing, up to 40%, is available to those who need it.