Why can Options offer better prices than other developers?

By having a dual focus on quality and offering great prices, Options is able to think outside the box. By eliminating costly amenities, reducing marketing and administrative costs, and not charging a profit, we can save purchasers over $40,000 on the price of their homes while providing the quality they deserve. Our communities are built by experienced, respected builders with great reputations in the industry.

Who buys homes from Options?

Options’ communities have proven to be attractive to a wide range of income groups (from $40,000 to $100,000+) for the quality homes offered at the best prices. First time home buyers also appreciate the special financing available to boost their down payment, and guidance with the financing process that Options offers. As with all condominiums, homebuyers must be able to qualify for a mortgage. Many of our current homeowners have expressed how much they enjoy the mix of people living in their communities, from young couples, to families, and seniors alike.

Does Options create homes in other cities?

The Options model has been successfully implemented in several large centres across Canada. Options for Homes Toronto is working on its 10th project in the GTA and Options’ award winning concept is also being implemented in Vancouver, Montreal, Saskatoon, Kitchener- Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Hamilton, Sudbury and here in Kingston. The Options for Homes model is catching on overseas as well with affiliates in Ghana, Romania and Cameroon.

Where can I get prices and floor plans?

Prices and floor plans are available at our free Information Sessions held on the weekends. To register for a free Information Session click the Register Online button at the top of this page.

I registered for an Information Session; can I bring a guest to help me decide?

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the Information Session. If they are interested in buying a separate home, they need to contact Options For Homes to register for the Information Session as well. If they are just attending to help you decide, or are interested in buying a home with you, they do not need to register.